Interactive Kiosk User Study

This was a brief study on an informational kiosk that acted as an interactive map. Users can find routes to offices, classrooms, and conference rooms. If the user doesn’t know the particular room number they need, the they can use advanced search features to categorically browse rooms. Additionally, it could provide weather and emergency information – so there was a lot of functionality in a relatively simple package. The UI was very polished, but the designer had concerns about the usability, because it was built in isolation without any user research.

The home screen on the tested information kiosk

The home screen on the tested information kiosk

Results were gathered through remote user testing collected with UserZoom. Screenshots of the actual interface were imported into Justinmind’s Prototyper to build a web version of the application, which was then hosted online. Participants remotely completed a series of tasks (e.g. use the kiosk to find Professor X’s office, or check the weather for the day) on their personal computer – it was a non IRB study since we were not publishing results, but the final results were exported to a spreadsheet and made available to the original designer to improve the information architecture.

JustinMind Prototyper logo

We used Prototyper to build our low fidelity wireframes

Userzoom logo

And UserZoom to gather remote user feedback